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The staggering figure of 3.5 billion smartphone users globally that is reported by Statista shouldn’t really alarm us. And it is expected to rise even more by next year. We are a global population addicted to our smartphones. Some people also go as far as saying they’d rather lose their wallet than their smartphone. A bit extreme if you ask me, but I can certainly attest to the fact that keeping my cell phone safe is a priority in my life. But beyond keeping my smartphone safe, I also know many of us have been looking for a way not only to avoid losing our precious gadget but also to “spy” or access the world of those we care about. Enter the modern innovation of spy phone apps.

If you do a simple search online, you’ll find the term spy apps to be extremely popular. I did a quick search on Ubersuggest and discovered a monthly search volume of 12,100. That’s quite high. Why has this topic become so popular in recent months? To answer that question, we need to understand what a spy phone app software is and what it can do for you.

What Is A Spy Phone App Software?

To state it simply, a spy phone app software is a unique program for mobile phones that can enable you to observe activity on the targeted device. There are also software programs for computers as well, but in this post, we will only focus on spyware (another name for software programs that track activity) apps for phones. There are a variety of options for spyware apps that are both free and paid, depending on your budget and needs. Some cell phone spy software is universal, meaning they can track and monitor a lot of different activities. Others are pretty basic and limited to simple things such as location tracking or detecting sim card replacement.

What Is The Use Of A Spy Phone App?

There are a variety of ways you can use a spy phone app, and it can be advantageous to get one today. Let’s paint a few scenarios for you.

Suppose you’re a parent to teenage girls, and you’re worried about their Internet safety, what they are exposed to, etc. Or perhaps you have a child who is very introverted and susceptible to bullying. Hence, you want to make sure you can easily monitor and protect your child from bullies, trolls, etc. A spy phone app is great because you can easily control, track, and protect those under your care without them ever knowing. And if they are getting themselves into trouble, it would be easy for you to pick up their trail and prevent a catastrophe from happening. Most good spy phone apps will give you a lot of flexibility and grant you access to everything, including their social media. More on that later.

What if you’re not a parent or have no relatives or family members to protect?

Well, consider this second scenario. Imagine meeting the love of your life. Things are going incredible. It’s the best romance you’ve ever had, and you never want it to stop, but lately, things seem strange. You can’t put your finger on it and certainly don’t feel like having a confrontation with no proof (I mean that would just create cracks in the relationship prematurely).

So what do you do?

That’s a tough one. For many years, there wasn’t much you could do unless you had enough money to pay a private investigator or something of that nature. Methods were cave-like and hardly ever lead to any good outcome. That was until spy phone apps came into the picture. Now, with the right phone spy, you can track, monitor, and get to the bottom of the situation in complete stealth mode.

But, again, maybe that scenario isn’t your current reality. Perhaps you’re in the trenches of building a business so you can finally achieve the financial freedom you’ve always wanted. Business is growing, and you’ve expanded enough to get employees working for you. How can you rest in the assurance that they are actually putting in the work? Spyware apps are here to save the day and help give you the peace of mind that your employees are doing what you pay them to do.

In all these scenarios, whether you’re looking to monitor loved ones, employees, or even in the case where you just want to protect your smartphone and avoid losing the precious data it contains, getting a cell phone spy software is a wise move.

Do Spy Phone Apps Really Work? If So, How?

The simple answer is – yes. Spy apps really work, which is why hundreds of thousands of people around the world currently use some kind of cell phone spy software. In most cases, those that enjoy the greatest benefits are using it because they are either parents or guardians trying to protect a loved one, a spouse or intimate partner looking for answers or an employer looking for clues on how someone is using the targeted device. Many people have found it to be a great solution that gives them that sense of security, trust, or feeling more in control.

If you’re looking to stay in the loop with certain things or you just want to ensure your phone is safe, then a spy app will definitely work for you. The best part is that it’s easy to use, and for most spy apps, the price is affordable.

Here are just a few of the things you can do once you get a spy phone app:

  • Track the location of the targeted device. If you get an excellent spy software app like mSpy, you can track it in real-time.
  • You can also view all incoming and outgoing calls. Apps like mSpy also allow you to have timestamps and even block unwanted numbers (a fantastic feature if you’re a parent looking to protect your child).
  • The best cell phone spyware also gives you access to text messages, social media accounts, as well as emails. So whether a message was sent on Email, Skype, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or just regular text message, you’ll be able to monitor everything.
  • If you’re looking to activate a spy app on a child’s device, you can also have the ability to control the apps that your child can have access to on their phone. It makes it easier to manage and block out any unnecessary apps that could put your child at risk.
  • Have you ever wondered what kind of pictures, videos, and other multimedia your spouse, partner, or child is hiding on their phone? Well, if you get a spy app like mSpy, you can access every picture and video saved on their phone. Eliminate the mystery once and for all.

This list could go on and on, but I think you’re starting to get the gist of things. Spy phone apps enable you to be really cool and stealthy. You can finally have that peace of mind and a sense of control that many of us crave. The best part is that getting started is fast, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy at all. For most cell phone software spy apps, the process is as easy as:

#1. Signing up for a free/free trial account.

#2. Downloading and installing the cell phone spy software from the online account.

#3. Recording and tracking the data you need right from your online account.

Are Spy Phone Apps Safe?

Most spy software apps, such as mSpy, are safe and pleasant to use. They have been created to help with surveillance primarily for employee and parental monitoring. As long as you’re using it for ethical reasons, whether on your personal phone or the phone of another (with legitimate reason), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t feel safe and confident using a spy phone app. Furthermore, the best cell phone spyware is usually designed to be invisible and work undetected in the background, so the user will never know. And for additional support, you can always get assistance from the customer support center that apps like mSpy offer. Now, if you’re starting to wonder which company or brand to go for, don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

The Top Three Best Spy Phone Apps In The Market Today

The market of spy phone applications is enormous and growing by the minute as more and more smartphone users seek new ways to protect their precious real estate, monitor loved ones, or manage employees. Although many tech startups enter the game with their shiny bells and whistles, we’ve realized (through public surveys and reviews) that only a handful of these companies are worth your time. Let’s save you the hassle and disappointment that others have encountered by telling you the three spy phone apps you should consider getting once you feel ready.


When it comes to world-class software combined with reliable customer support, we believe no other brand can beat mSpy. That’s why it’s considered to be one of the best phone spy apps on the market when it comes to parental control and employee surveillance. mSpy offers multi-lingual customer support 24/7, and according to their 95% customer satisfaction and retention rate, we have a good reason to recommend this to our online community.

Some of the features that make this mobile monitoring app so attractive for parents, employers, and spouses include:

  • The ability to track in real-time the location of the targeted device. You can even set safe zones if you’re a parent or a guardian. Then you’ll get alerts whenever your child enters or leaves the designated zone.
  • The ability to monitor and track web browsing activities. You can see all the visited websites and even block the unwanted ones when necessary. If you’re getting this for an employee, it can help you track how they are spending their workday and the sites they are bookmarking, etc.
  • Gaining remote access to read all messaging apps, including but not limited to, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, Tinder, Snapchat, Skype, etc. You can also read and review regular text messages and iMessages.
  • The ability to observe, read, and track all incoming and outgoing emails.
  • You can also keep track of every event in the phone’s calendar and view all the multimedia files contained in the device.

The best part is that mSpy always runs undetected in the background in full stealth mode. While many of the essential features that you’ll find on mSpy are also available with other brands (such as message viewing, call logs, etc.), there are specific attributes we feel make this spy app stand out.

mspy spy phone app


The first and perhaps most important thing is their excellent customer support. For many brands out there, the main frustration is getting assistance fast as and when you need it. You’ll quickly realize that’s a frustration many spy phone apps users complain about. Sometimes the customer support is there but totally unreliable. You send in a request, and five days later, someone emails back! No one wants to invest his or her cash in such a product. mSpy has a 24/7-customer support system that delivers on that promise of reliable assistance, whether you want to chat, email, or even speak on the phone.

The other cool thing they do is they let you split your time between multiple devices with one mSpy account. As with most spy software, one account is usually only connected to one device, which can be a bummer if you need to monitor multiple devices. So at least with this ability, you can get more for your buck.

Lastly, you don’t even need to install the software directly into the targeted device. The only thing you must have to gain this level of control is the iCloud account details of the targeted device.

When it comes to pricing, it’s a pretty fair deal for the value you get. The most affordable option is the basic package that goes for $29.99 per month. If you want to go premium and more sophisticated, they offer packages that start from $69.99. There’s also a family kit package that gives you all the bells and whistles you could need and allows you to monitor up to 3 devices at once. The options for this Family Kit Package are $359.97 for six months or $479.97 for twelve months. Given the peace of mind, high tech, user-friendly control, and security mSpy offers you and your family; these are great deals.


The second best-rated cell phone spy software that you can checkout is Spyzie. The software works on Android and iOS devices version 8.0 and above. Just as with the previous app, it works undetectably in the background and, for the most part, doesn’t require jailbreak. Some of the features that also make this an attractive choice include:

  • The ability to retrieve call history and access messages remotely that are received or sent by the user.
  • Access to the video history and activity that your kids have been watching as well as what they are sharing with their friends. You can even see the exact details of the emojis, screenshots, GIFs, etc. that they share and when they did it.
  • The ability to track and monitor the physical location of the user.
  • Access to the memos and notes shared and created within the targeted device.

These are the main features (in addition to the basic ones that every proper spy application has) that make spyzie a top contender. When it comes to pricing, the monthly fee is $39.99 for a single-use license. If you have an Android and need something more affordable, they also offer a premium monthly payment of $29.99 but be warned, this drop in price comes with limited functionality. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the features and functionalities that come with each price point to see what’s the best value for your situation.


Xnspy is yet another great spy application that can work for you, whether you’re monitoring a child, an employee, or a spouse. It also uses a unique technology that makes it undetectable to the user and works with both iOS and Android. Some of the features that make it attractive for someone looking to get a spy phone app include:

  • The ability to monitor and track the physical location of the targeted device.
  • Access to Instant Messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, Line, Tinder, Skype, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, KiK, and iMessage. All of which are recorded and read in real-time.
  • The ability to control features on the phone, including remotely locking the device or blocking installed apps. You can also take screenshots in real-time and enable keylogging.
  • The ability to monitor the calendar planner, access photos, videos, and music playlist.

With Xnspy, you have the option to install the spy app with or without jailbreak. All you have to do is follow the appropriate instructions depending on your mobile device or call customer service for assistance. When it comes to pricing, the basic version is going for $49.99 per month. They also have a premium Xnspy version that’s available for $59.99 if you want to get sophisticated, and your budget allows. Keep in mind, however, that your subscription is based on single-use. That means you can only connect and monitor one device at a time.

Can I Install Spy Software On The Phone Remotely?

The answer to this question is not binary. Here’s why. Although spy phone apps like such as mSpy enable you to monitor a phone remotely and without jailbreaking, the fact of the matter is that even without physically downloading and installing the app on the desired device, you’ll still need to gain access in some way.

The ideal option is to install it before handing it over to a child or new employee, of course, but in the event where you can’t get the device, all is not lost. You can still start spying on your desired cell phone. What you will need, however, is the iCloud credentials of the device you wish to track. Once you have the login details, you can simply go to the spyware account, choose the appropriate package (make sure it allows you to operate on no-jailbreak mode) and then proceed to spy on phone.

Are Spy Apps legal?

The recommended spy phone applications are legitimate companies. When it comes to your usage of the software on a targeted phone, it is legit for you to install and monitor a device as long as it falls within the following constraints.

  1. You install it for personal use to track and monitor your own phone.
  2. You’re monitoring your employees’ cell phones, and your company has ownership of the devices. The employees must be informed that they are being monitored.
  3. You’re monitoring a child’s cell phone who is under your care. It’s legal to use spy software on children even without their knowledge as long as they are underage.

Anything else is stretching the boundaries, and you must do it at your own peril. By law, you’re not allowed to install any spyware apps on anyone’s phone without their consent. I understand many people are doing this for various reasons, but, still, it’s my duty to warn you of the repercussions should you choose to tread outside the law. Follow these basic rules, do the right thing, and you should be fine.


As smartphone usage continues to rise, and we continue to rely heavily on technology and handheld devices, the need to integrate spy phone apps into our mobile devices will grow.

It makes life easier and helps us feel more in control when we know our child is safe, our employees are utilizing their working hours well, and our spouse is telling the truth. It also makes sense to protect these precious gadgets from permanent loss, especially given how much of our lives are stored in them.

Of course, installing a cell phone spy software is a decision that should be made intentionally and for a useful purpose, which is why we always encourage people to educate themselves and do some research on what’s available out there in the marketplace. Don’t just settle for a company because it’s cheap. After all, when it comes to your security and peace of mind, cheap cannot be the main criterion. In this post, you’ve learned about the three best cell phone spyware, and you are now more informed and better equipped to make the right choice. If you’re still undecided or sitting on the fence about this, I encourage you to experiment with mSpy because I’m confident it cannot disappoint. Regardless of when and which spy phone app you go for, make sure to go for an app that doesn’t consume so much battery life and is trusted by many.